Fall. School has started again. The leaves are falling. The grass stops growing. We close the windows of our homes. Viruses are clustering. Influenza shots are being offered. We want to look and feel our best. Welcome to this issue of Mineral Essence which features the crystal prescription for influenza care. There are hundreds of healing stones that will be described from the website www.essence-of-mineral-makeup.com. Each healing stone has its own vibrational power to heal, relieve and help bring our bodies back to balance. All influenza has the ability to take a lot of your energy away from you in the bodies way of re-establishing balance. The stones featured in this issue each play a role in influenza care both physically and vibrationally.


1. What is Influenza?

2. Warding off Influenza with Bloodstone.

3. Moss Agate When Flu Strikes.

4. Crystal Meaning of Fluorite and Treating Influenza.

5. Healing Crystal Emerald and Flu Re-lapse.

6. Healing Stones Epidote and/or Zoisite for Influenza.

7. Mineral makeup and Influenza.

1. What is Influenza?

Influenza is a viral infection that is transmitted from person to person via droplets and small particles or fragments of fluids that are released whenever an infected person coughs or sneezes. It commonly affects the upper respiratory tract, mainly the nose and throat, but can possibly spread to the lungs and bronchi. The affected person usually recovers within one or two weeks without requiring medical treatment. However, very young and elderly patients and those that already have serious medical conditions need immediate treatment to prevent severe complications such as pneumonia and death. Remember that influenza is a highly contagious disease, giving it a great potential to cause epidemics.

Chills, fever, headache and severe muscular pains are tell-tale signs of influenza. Patients usually feel miserable and weak due to the discomforts of the inflammation in the throat and nose. In addition, patients may have high body temperature, 102 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and may last for 4 to 5 days.

Since influenza is a germ disease, one way of building defense against its causes is by maintaining health and strengthening the body's immune system. Influenza virus usually develops a toxic and run-down condition in the body. Dietetic errors and unhealthy factors such as worry, overwork, fatigue, poor hygiene, lack of proper exercise and rest usually make a person susceptible to this kind of infection. Drug or medication is the common treatment available for influenza. But while this kind of treatment poses health risks due to side-effects, natural treatment alternatives are more preferred for its more powerful and safer effects. For instance, the curative powers of earth elements such as mineral stone and crystals offer remedial treatments to risky influenza medications.

The human body harnesses different energy sources to maintain and correct or realign its functions. These energy sources enable all the systems and organs in the body maintain normal function to sustain health and build its defense against diseases. To bring about healing, it needs to establish harmony among the energy it contains. Influenza is one disease that blocks the entry of energies in the body. The use of natural earth elements such as stones, gems or crystals is one effective way of inviting energies inside the body so it can heal from within. With absolutely no need for drugs and expensive medications, the body promotes healing naturally.

The healing powers of natural earth; mineral stones and crystals, have long been used to remedy common illnesses. Man has long realized their refreshing, invigorating and vitalizing health benefits. For instance, in curing chronic skin diseases, the application of clay and moistened earth has made true natural bondage in repairing damaged cells and tissues. Ancient American Indians have also laid great stress on the treatment using earth elements. In addition to healing leaves and herbs, the use of the potent healing power of the earth has promoted healing, especially in controlling chills, headaches, body pains and extremely high body temperature, which are attributed to fevers and influenza.

Another attribute to the healing properties of mineral stones and crystals is its magnetic field. It acquires some of the earth's magnetism, which is extremely helpful in improving circulation and organ functions, which hastens tissue repair and cell rejuvenation. It also enables the treatment to focus specifically on the symptoms, which aids the body in fighting the infection caused by the invading virus. Hence, natural treatment alternatives to influenza offer safer and more potent healing that does not compromise health.

2. Warding off Influenza with Bloodstone.

Blood stone, also known as heliotrope, can be used as a type of talisman to help strengthen the immune system. When carried around, it has the capabilities of warding off the virus before it can spread onto a larger scale. It contains the minerals silica, aluminum (found in kaolin clay), iron, and magnesium. All these minerals are found in mineral makeup. It is also a trigonal crystal system.

3. Moss Agate When Flu Strikes

Moss agate is s stone of wealth that attracts abundance and gives one a new “beginning”. It is strongly connected with nature. It is a stabilizing stone; said to refresh the soul and allows one to see beauty in all you behold. Helps with sensitivity to weather and pollutants. Helps self expression, communication, stress, fear, trust, hope. Helps speed up recovery from infection, colds, flu, etc. Moss Agate is useful after flu has already settled in your system. It helps keep the lymph moving and it represents emotional cleansing and relief.

4. Crystal Meaning of Fluorite and Treating Influenza

Fluorite is known as the genius stone. It increases concentration and helps with decision making. It's said to absorb and neutralize negative vibrations. It makes one more receptive to the vibrations of other stones. Fluorite should be kept in every room of the home. Fluorite may be used with other stones in helping to open the way for the power of other stones to be effective. It can be used as a meditation stone to help energize the body and raise the power of concentration. Healers use it to help with ulcers as well as the respiratory tract by stimulating cell regeneration in these areas. For this reason, it is useful in clearing the lungs from the toxins of influenza.

5. Healing Crystal Emerald and Flu Re-lapse

Emerald is a stone of prophecy and the symbol of hope and preserving love. It is also a tranquilizer for a troubled mind. It's said to bring reason and wisdom. It's power is highest at the full moon. It's a stone of great harmony, wisdom and love. Emerald will prevent a flu relapse and is most helpful when entering the symptom free balance. It helps the body come back to its overall state of harmony.

6. Healing Stones Epidote and/or Zoisite for Influenza Epidote and zoisite are noted for its ability of enhancing perception and intuition, supplementing personal power, and increasing spirituality and spiritual growth.The epidote is a medicating influence, and may be carried on or about the person to ensure protection against conflicting circumstances. Drastically clears the emotional body aura. Enhances perceptions and helps the nervous system. Healing qualities include enhancement of very calm and gentle energy, aimlessness prevention, eloquence, finding your path in life, inner-self, calcium deficiency, flatulence and wind pains. These stones are useful in overcoming the typical weakness and exhaustion that follows influenza.
7. Mineral makeup and Influenza.

All the above stones are helpful when their tumbled rock is affixed to or placed on the thymus gland which is located between the heart and throat. Crystal elixars are also recommended.

Mineral make up is most highly valued for its naturally-derived ingredients. You could place the makeup on your chest on the thymus gland to help increase your immune system.

Good mineral make up formulations will contain nothing but minerals extracted and refined from the earth. These ingredients are also cited as being ‘natural’. This is true in that they are not artificial creations, but you should keep in mind that most mineral ingredients are processed to ensure they are safe for skin. Mineral makeup benefits flu due to the minerals magnesium, calcium (found in mica), iron and silica.

You will feel uplifted and healthy when you wear minerals on your face because they are more than band-aids. You will feel so healthy! Just imagine ... the healthiest you.

These are some hidden qualities found in the minerals of Earth that you wear on your face!

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