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1. Description of Gum Disease.

2. Vitamin C.

3. Home Remedies for Gum Disease.

4. Concluding Thought and Mineral Makeup.

1. Description of Gum Disease

Swollen, bleeding and tender gums are common signs of gum disease. This oral health condition is usually caused by the inflammation on the gums resulting from defective supply of nutrients and poor hygiene. Also, serious oral problems and health conditions that lead to the toxification of the gums may progress to gum disease. Other causes include hormone problems, which often occur during puberty and menopause age. Needless to say, the painful and debilitating symptoms of this condition explain why it needs to be immediately and properly nursed. In addition to routine consultation with your dentist, you may undergo a number of treatments that may improve gum disease.

Since gum disease result from deficient supply of nutrients in the body, it would be wise to mind your diet. Also, metabolic upsets due to poor eating habits and poor food selection may harm not only the gums but also the teeth. Actually, the sugar from sweets and the nicotine from cigars may promote plaque and buildup between gums and teeth, but this can be avoided by routine professional cleaning. The main factor that links metabolic upsets and food to gum disease is that metabolic upsets cause the tissue in the gums to be filled with toxins and waste matter and poor food selection lead to vitamin and nutrient deficiencies. Now this condition pretty much allows the infectious bacteria in the gums to thrive inside the body. This progresses to the inflammation and bleeding of the gums.

Periodontosis is a gum disease that is characterized by the shrinking of the gums. As the disease progress, effects like loose shifting of teeth, development of puss between the teeth and gums and chronic bad breath may be experienced. Without immediate and proper treatment, this condition may result to receded gums and falling out of teeth.

One thing you can do to resolve this common oral health problem is by following proper oral hygiene. Brushing teeth at least twice a day and flossing once a day is most recommended. Also, professional cleaning for at least twice a year is recommended in maintaining healthy gums and teeth.

2. Vitamin C

Nutrients like vitamin C make up the body's defense against infectious bacteria. Taking enough nutrients helps strengthen the body's immune system to battle gum disease. The anti-oxidant and cell regenerating properties of nutrients like vitamin C help decrease inflammation and other gum disease symptoms.

3. Home Remedies for Gum Disease

In addition to the mentioned remedies, you may try some alternative forms of treatment to eliminate gum disease without side-effects. For instance, take advantage of the healing and soothing properties of natural oils like sunflower oil in treating your gums. The oil has a potent property of absorbing toxic and waste substances from your gums. Apply the oil directly on the gums. After 10 to 20 minutes, rinse it off thoroughly with tepid water.

Another particularly helpful gum treatment is the use of healing stones. Healing stones have many crystal meanings and the elemental minerals are found in mineral makeup that one wears on their face. Jet, rhodonite and amber are known for their natural properties in controlling bleeding of wounds and decreasing inflammation. To treat periodontosis and other gum problems, place a tumbled stone in your mouth. Take about three to five drops of gem essence three to five times a day. Another option is taking sips of about 200 to 300 millimeter of gem water over the course of the day.

Given these drug-free solutions to gum disease, people who are seeking safe and effective gum disease treatment can benefit from these simple natural remedies.

Concluding Thought and Mineral Makeup

Let's all have a great smile full of teeth and healthy gums!!!!

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Stay Healthy!


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