We want to look and feel our best. Welcome to this issue of Mineral Essence which features weight stones to solve weight problems. There are hundreds of healing stones that will be described from the website www.essence-of-mineral-makeup.com. Each healing stone has its own vibrational power to heal, relieve and help bring our bodies back to balance. Learning to take personal responsibility for ourselves is a big step in having a balanced life and spiritual growth.


1. Weight Stones to solve Weight Problems.

2. Fluorite and Metabolism.

3. Magnetite and Self Acceptance.

4. Chalcedony and Security.

5. Sodalite and Self Awareness.

6. Concluding Thought and Mineral Makeup

1. Weight Stones to solve Weight Problems

In these times when greasy and fatty foods are made more accessible via convenient take-outs and delivery speed dials, weight problems have become prevalent. The tendency to become overweight due to unhealthy food choices has become greater especially in industrialized and urbanized societies. When weight problems are mostly blamed on overeating and poor food selections, physiological factors like glandular disturbances and brain diseases also contribute to gaining excess weight. Most people believe that weight problems can easily be remedied by eating healthy portions of foods with high nutritional values or replacing fatty and sugary indulgences with their fat-free and sugar-free substitutes. However, adherence to these dieting tricks does not guarantee weight loss. Hence, one needs to dig deeper into the nature of the human body to actually lose excess weight and stay in shape. In this light, the balancing components of weight stones proves to be a valuable resource for helpful energies that can help correct weight problems.

Aside from getting proper nutrition, lifestyle and eating habits also needs to be evaluated. For instance, one must be careful when it comes to snacking, which is often erroneously perceived as breaks to boost energy. Time is also a factor that influences weight gain. There is this concept regarding healthy and unhealthy time to eat, which tells that complete meals are harder to digest in the evening than at morning or noon. As the cliché goes, one must breakfast like a king, lunch like a lord and dine like a pauper.

Many dieters confess to experiencing frustrations over their weight loss programs. Even with strict adherence to healthier diet and exercise, some find it difficult to achieve results. This only emphasizes the fact that there are other important factors that must be considered by anyone who desires to lose excess weight. For instance, the toxins that accumulate inside the body through unhealthy forms of sugar and fat burden the body and impede healthy weight management. Systematic detoxification is essential to correcting this problem. Also, the link between weight problems and emotional vulnerability has been established. Depression and feeling down were found to cause people to overeat. With the helpful energies of mineral weight stones, one can gain back the balance to the normal functions of the body.

2. Fluorite and Metabolism

Fluorite is a crystal mineral that is known for its ability to stimulate metabolism, which is helpful in limiting the body's fat stores.

3. Magnetite and Self Acceptance

Magnetite appeals to one's thoughts by promoting self acceptance which makes it easy for anyone to be focused in regaining harmony within oneself and ridding the body of ill elements.

4. Chalcedony and Security

Petrified wood is a form chalcedony, which is helpful in inducing feelings of security and in grounding one's emotions and spirituality.

Sodalite and Self Awareness

Sodalite is a potent agent of self awareness, creating time and space for one's thought to regain peace.

Concluding Thought and Mineral Makeup

Weight problems are actually a result of an imbalance to the normal functions of the body. Toxins, fat as well as unhealthy eating habits are impediments to the normal flow of energies, which also affects the way the body handles thoughts and emotions. In this light, food often becomes a source of comfort and security. Weight stones like fluorite, magnetite, petrified wood and sodalite are mineral crystals that exhibit chakral properties that can help reconnect the body, mind and spirit to promote balance in thoughts and in acts. Using and wearing these stones over the body's chakral points, as necklaces, bracelets and pendants is helpful in regaining control over the causes of weight problems.

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Thank you for reading this e-zine. It is a pleasure to share with you. Remember, endurance is the result of a decision made from within!

Stay Healthy!


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